Fenella Humphreys

Fenella Humphreys is an outstanding violinist and she chose us to create a great looking Kickstarter campaign when she was raising funds to commission the writing of a number of new pieces for solo violin. We shot the performance scenes in a wonderful, privately owned performance space in Oxfordshire and the interview scenes were shot in a private house and garden. There were many  challenges for this production, not least being that the audio of the performance scenes had to be recorded at the same time as the video because every performance is different and it would be impossible to accurately synchronise the music to the finger and bowing movements from different takes. That meant keeping the various microphones out of sight, as well as using multiple cameras. We’re very pleased with the end result and delighted to say that Fenella achieved her campaign goal and successfully commissioned the pieces. You can find out more about Fenella and her Bach to the Future campaign here: http://fenellahumphreys.com/  – the cover page photo is one of ours too 🙂

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