Fenella Humphreys

Fenella Humphreys is an outstanding violinist and she chose us to create a great looking Kickstarter campaign when she was raising funds to commission the writing of a number of new pieces for solo violin. We shot the performance scenes in a wonderful, privately owned performance space in Oxfordshire and the interview scenes were shot in…

Interview with David Fearne, CTO, Arrow ECS

This is a simple interview video, shot at Arrow’s offices in the Royal Exchange, London, with a one person crew, a single light, wireless mic, camera and tripod. Quick in and out on the tube and no parking nightmares!

Sempre Analytics – CVS Vets

This case study about CVS, the UK’s leading veterinary practice, was produced for Sempre Analytics and it was shot in their offices with a one person crew. There is a subtitled version of this video on display in IBM’s Southbank reception area. The graphic sequences were produced in After Effects.

vIT Media Showreel

Click on the title above to watch the latest vIT Media showreel. The first half contains short clips from many of our productions and in many different genres. The second half contains examples of our motion graphics work. Below you will find full length examples of our work.