Kaplan Business Challenge

This promo was originally produced a few years ago but was recently re-branded with the new Kaplan logo and contact details. The opening 3D animated segment was created using Cinema 4D.

Arrowsphere xSP

This animated promo about Arrowsphere xSP was originally created for Arrow in Germany but here is the English version we produced for Arrow UK.

vIT Media Showreel

Click on the title above to watch the latest vIT Media showreel. The first half contains short clips from many of our productions and in many different genres. The second half contains examples of our motion graphics work. Below you will find full length examples of our work.  


A light-hearted promotion for F5’s ‘Good, Better, Best’ campaign, branded for use by Arrow. THis was technically a rather complex project, combining animated graphic sketches and a live presenter. The live action was shot in front of a green screen and the sketches were photographed all at the client’s offices.